Sunday, 4 June 2017

A shriek and BWS

My sister came around this morning to check up on us visit us and see how we were settling in to our temporary accommodation.  After living in Western Australia for almost three decades she is as paranoid about lawns as her husband.  So it probably wasn’t surprising when, on arrival at the front door, after glancing down at the lawn, she gave a shriek .  There it was, a lone weed struggling to survive in a sea of manicured grass.   She promptly crouched and mercilessly grabbed its head before tearing it from the ground roots and all, thereby snuffing out a young life!

It’s a short life and cruel death for a lawn weed in Perth!


The small dark spots in the above photo are where my brother in law ripped out earlier weeds in the fortnight before we arrived.  I guess I’m going to have to get paranoid about weeds.

Meanwhile Jan is suffering from BWS.  That’s not Beer, Wine & Spirits.  It’s Boaters Withdrawal Syndrome.  The condition became so acute she went and bought a narrowboat.  I know readers; we’re in the process of selling one and Jan goes out and buys a second boat.  It was delivered yesterday and it appeared to have an instant calming effect.



Marilyn McDonald said...

That lawn looks to me like it could do with a good crop of weeds to keep it green! Does you bil not know that one dandelion takes up lots of space and they will grow in any conditions?
Cheers, M

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

LOL! What a lovely teapot Jan! If its any consolation there are some of us who know you and tome and are having withdrawals at the thought of never seeing you hove into sight on NB Waiouru. Never doubt for a mo that you are missed.

Does it seem odd to look out the window and see grass instead of water? I think that would do my head in.

Tom am happy to report no more stern gland leakage. It has been greased to within an inch of its life and it seems to be holding well. As you know there is a never ending list of jobs to do on a boat and so I am getting on with them, one day at a time. Doing the work of two people is knackering but also satisfying to keep busy.

Sending you both hugs and love, and virtual Brownies!

Jaq xxx

Jennie said...

Oh I do love that teapot - what a find! Jennie

Elly and Mick said...

I've got one of those teapots!
And.... I do sympathise with Jan's withdrawal symptoms. I still miss the boat terribly and we talk about it all the time. It takes a long time to get back in the swing of living at home again.
Elly in Oz

Tom and Jan said...

And we are planning on building a new house so another link!