Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Unlimited Hot Water

Second night away from Waiouru and the bed no longer rocks or has a list. 

The major task today was to complete packing the boxes which will return to Australia by sea.  We had previously decided we would keep the Kipor generator rather than sell it.  It will fit in one of the larger cardboard tea chests, but I was concerned the vertical weight might result in the base of the box collapsing, so we drove to a timber merchant this morning and purchased some 3.6mm thick plywood which I then cut to fit in the base of the box.  That was followed by more corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap which will hopefully act as a cushion.  More cardboard and plywood was then packed around the sides and top of the Kipor before taping it all with duct tape.

I’d originally estimated we would need 7 tea chest but then panicked reconsidered and bought an additional 10.  In the end my ‘tight packing’ of the boxes resulted in us using 8 boxes with a further two being ripped up for use as packing.  Squeezing everything into a 6ft diameter steel tube for five years must have been of some assistance.  I was going to take a photo but then thought our readers my be overcome with emotion looking at a pile of brown cardboard boxes.  The remainder of the day was spent phoning around removalists for quotes. 

We drove back to our accommodation and i noticed I’m already starting to adjust to life faster than 4 mph.  English drivers are SO courteous.  I will need to be particularly alert when we return to Australia where it’s the law of the jungle on the roads!  The shipping inventory has now be produced and we have just under 1½ cubic metres of boxes to move.

One current luxury is the unlimited 240v electricity, internet and hot water available in our accommodation.  Long, hot showers…. bliss!  I’m a bit pink and wrinkly at the moment

In May 2011 we arrived in the UK with a suitcase and two vinyl valises.  There was no room on the boat for the suitcase so that “disappeared” years ago leaving us with the valises.   Our flight hold allowance is 60kg which far exceeds the capacity of the two valises.  Looks like we will be buying a third and do more shopping.  Use it or lose it!

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Geoff and Mags said...

"I’m a bit pink and wrinkly at the moment" - too much information, Tom!
Enjoy it while you can, once you get in the outback with a camper you won't have that luxury. Looking forward to following the next adventures. Good luck and keep well.