Sunday, 14 May 2017


As you have probably guessed the lack of blog updates means we’ve returned to Crick.  The internet was more off than on which meant only the odd email was received.  There was a hell of a racket when we arrived with the Biffa bins bouncing, rattling and jostling each other in anticipation of being fed.  At least two of them are likely to now be suffering from clogged arteries!

The second task was to collect our rental car from Enterprise.  We’d requested to be collected as told 8.30 – 9.30am.  They open at 8.30 so we didn’t leave Waiouru for the collection point until 8.40.  No sign of the car at 9.00.  Nor at 9.30.  Jan was starting to get both concerned and tired.  Then we thought the ride had arrived.

20170511_094050Apparently not!  The vehicle arrived just after 10am.  The lovely young lady from Enterprise was quite surprised at the collection time we’d been given informing us they usually collect 9.30-10.30.  The rest of the hire process was very quick and we were heading south by 10.30.  The plan was to visit our postal address and collect the last of our snail mail. 

You might think that after years on a boat the speed of the traffic might be slightly overwhelming.  That wasn’t the case as we were behind two ‘Westies’ where the vehicles didn’t have a suitable stern button.

The next day we packed everything on the boat that we’re taking back with us.  The rest will belong to the new owners.  With everything leaving the boat now in supermarket shopping bags Jan started the final interior clean under my watchful eyes.  Readers I love work…… and can watch it for hours!  From time to time I made helpful suggestions, which I know were appreciated.

After washing and polishing the exterior of the boat twice in the last month I was rather peeved when we had strong rain and wind last night.  This morning the roof was covered in leaves and twigs.  Furthermore every bird in England must have been roosting in the overhead tree immediately prior to the storm.  When they took flight the majority of them decided to do a pre-departure pump-out.  Moreover they had previously dined on a mixture of concrete and construction glue.  This morning I ended up scrubbing the roof to remove the droppings.Sad smile

Whilst Jan did the final interior clean I packed all the bags into the vehicle.  Hiring a mid sized MPV was a good decision because it has been filled to the Plimsoll Line. 

At 10.30 we handed the keys over to ABNB and spent a further 5 minutes thinking of things to tell them in a subconscious move to avoid leaving our beloved boat.  Eventually we had to depart and had only just turned the corner when not unexpectedly Jan started to weep at her loss.   Exactly six years ago we had a rough start to canal boating but the satisfaction of overcoming that and rebuilding Waiouru made our life on board all the sweeter.  We didn’t just buy a boat. We were physically involved everyday in the build.  We know where every screw is and there isn’t a single nail.  Hopefully her new owner will love and appreciate her as much as we have.

What a great five years cruising the network and what a wonderful boating community.  Thank you!

So here we sit in a motel room at the Watford Gap Services on the M1.  Both of us smiling in the knowledge we know it’s only a short distance from here to the canal.  We’re also grinning at the size of the room. It’s almost a big as Waiouru!  Tomorrow we will head north for the next stage of our journey…… packing all the ”stuff” that will be returning to Australia by sea.


Andy Healey said...

Sad to hear you are leaving the cut, have enjoyed your blogs and your perseverance at the start of your journey. Best wishes for your future journey.

NB Centurion.

Judith Emery said...

We wish you both well on the next stage of life's adventure, we hope we get to read about it. Thank you for sharing the last five years with us. Also thank you for your hospitality on the occasions our paths have crossed. Hope you have a good journey down under and soon get settled. Love to you both, Judith and John nb Serena

Jenny said...

We will certainly miss the daily blog of narrowboat adventures, walks, interesting buildings, and everything else you wrote about. Best wishes to you both on the next stage of your life, and we do hope that you will keep blogging.

Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

Davidss said...

Thankyou for inviting us along on your canal adventure.
Hopefully you will make 'one last post' to this blog to advise us of your new one (as with Sandy Tales).

Ade said...

Wow it's has finally come, mixed emotions I have followed you all the way on your wonderful witty blog. Great tales so regular posts almost like a newspaper! Sad times for me let's hope the new owners will be bloggers. So we can watch the next part of the Waiouru story.
Good luck Tom and Jan back down under maybe a tear in the eye here too.
Take care both Ade & Karen.

Carol said...

You will both be missed, especially via your blog. Good luck in the future in whatever adventures you have waiting for you. Bon voyage!
George and Carol xx

Andy Gic said...

Thanks for sharing your journey of the last five years and a big thanks for the rolled up newspaper water wicker suggestion , I use this often.

Unknown said...

Sorry you are leaving! I have been one of your 'silent' blog readers for a couple of years and have really enjoyed it. All the best for your new adventures. Dave

Dave Whitfield said...

Sorry you are leaving! I have been one of your silent blog readers for a couple of years and will miss reading it. Also a shame we never crossed paths on the cut. All the best for the future. Dave

Snowy Owl said...

I have never met you but have followed your blog for many years. I wish you well in the next step of your adventure, safe journey

Sue said...

We wish you both the very best for your future expeditions which I have just read about on your next blog. You must be so excited. I am sure the new owners of Waiouru will appreciate what a wonderful home you made.

Awwwww we are going to miss you both.. xxxxxx

Sue, Vic and the girls

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Oh now I am all teary. Just catching up on blogs today now that I have finally manged to post to ours. I am chuffed to read you will continue blogging in the next stage of your lives. That is great for you and excellent for all of us who love you both and miss you. After all Tom I no longer have Les' sparkling wit to make me laugh so I am depending on yours to fill in. :)

Safe journey over to the other end of the world. May every good blessing go with you both.

Love Jaq xxx

Quaysider said...

Safe journies to you both... I'll 'follow' you as you've a dry writing style which I really like. NOT to forget the fact I need to keep track of Jan's ever expanding tool collection!