Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Paintwork Repairs

A small edge of rust had started to appear at the top of the boat recessed panel and was annoying me so it was sanded back to bare metal and given a coat of primer followed by two of undercoat.  Four days ago I applied topcoat.  To my annoyance there were brush marks in the paint so today it was masked for a third time,sanded smooth and give yet another topcoat.


Well the brush marks aren’t as bad this time but the paint colour is two tone so I obviously didn’t stir it thoroughly.  Looks like there will be a third topcoat tomorrow.  I might have done better to leave the few spots of rust.

Rather than continuing with further painting failures I decided to do something about the faded stern tunnel bands.  After cleaning them I used T-Cut to removed the faded and oxidized layer.  If they still look good tomorrow I’ll apply some polish.  Polish!  I had to visit the chandlery and purchase yet another bottle of Craftmaster polish.  Six years ago we should have bought shares in the company. Smile

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