Monday, 29 May 2017

NET framework Problem

Well there has been a slight delay with the blog posts because Open Live Writer stopped working.  I tried reinstalling it without success and eventually resorted to completely erasing it off the laptop.  That didn’t work so I also searched the Registry removing any entries.  Sadly, when I reinstalled OLW it would only appear on the screen for a millisecond before disappearing.  Finally, tonight I worked out the problem.  OLW was incompatible with my version of Microsoft NET Framework.  Once I’d updated NET Framework OLW loaded without any issues (I hope).

Today I contacted Telstra to arrange for the house phone line to be activated.  The lovely young lady in the Philippines call centre wanted to upsell me an expensive bundled plan but I pleaded retiree poverty and managed to work her down to the basic plan.  Once we get our pensioners concession card I’ll get the cost down even further.

This morning my sister and husband offered to take us to Ellenbrook.  This is a relatively new suburb inland from the Indian Ocean and adjacent to the international Vines Golf Course.  The suburb didn’t exist when we were living in Perth 20 years ago.  Their son (our nephew) has recently built a home in the area and it was a good opportunity to have a look around. 


Our nephew’s new house.  5kW solar array on the roof and a swimming pool at the rear.

The size of residential blocks of land has certainly compressed since I was a lad.  Our house had a large back yard with plenty of room for two young boys to play along with room for a veg garden.  The smallest blocks of land in Ellenbrook were approx 150m2 and our nephew’s house is on 550m2.  Many of the blocks are 330-350m2.  Build a sandard sized residential house on one of those and you can shake hands with your neighbour out any of the windows.  We’re looking for something larger, around 1000-1500m2.  They exist, but are scarce and obviously cost more.  My bucket list requires a workshop and Jan’s list includes a swimming pool so I was taken to look at a couple of 1400m2 blocks.  We want one that has a north facing elevation to ensure there will be maximum sun for the solar array (on the bucket list).

This next block is just under 1500m2 and on a corner, so only neighbours on two sides.  However it’s on what might become a busy corner and might be why it hasn’t already sold.  The asking price has dropped $30,000


The next block was in a new subdivision (Annie’s Landing).  The block is a similar size and only has a neighbour on one side.  The other two sides are adjacent to parklands and a cycleway.

IMG_1672IMG_1673 As you can see, Perth is built on sand!

Hi Jo,  It seems strange to be in a standard sized 3 bedroom house after six years in a steel tube.  No doubt it will fill up when our Australian and UK possessions arrive.

Halfie Aldi is across most of Australia and are certainly providing stiff competition to the “Big Two” (Coles and Woolworths).  My sister had never been into an Aldi and commented about the lower prices.  We might have a convert!  Jan thought the range of products was smaller than the UK.

Marilyn there is a possible reunion in Wellington next March.  If it goes ahead I may just be able to arrange a meeting.

Geoff I still find your comments in my Blogger spam box.  Google must hate your ISP!

I apologise to our readers who have left comments which were delayed in being published.  For some reason Google didn’t send me the advisory email.  We’ve been rather busy and I’ve only just caught up with blog maintenance.  Who said retirement was relaxing   Smile

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Lisa said...

Hello Both,
Great to know you have landed safely and what a lovely home you have, even if it is temporary.
I really liked Perth when we were there 9.5 years ago!! I loved hearing how the locals complained bitterly about parking (We scoffed) when I told them that my hometown carparks are full on a dreary Wednesday in October and that its costs about AUS$10 they almost fainted.
I almost fainted when I dipped my feet in the Indian Ocean at Freemantle.... Colder than the English Channel.

Love to you both,
Lisa & David