Thursday, 25 May 2017

Early Start

Jetlag is still with us.  I awoke at 2.30am and never managed to get back to sleep.  Dawn was coming up when I wandered outside to take a few photos of our temporary home.  You will see in the following photos that we are struggling for room.


Typical 3 bedroom West Australian bungalow


West Australians are obsessive about their lawns.  My brother-in-law has been mowing these with an expensive reel mower to give them a bowling green finish.  When he heard I intended to cut the lawns with a rotary mower he promptly informed us he would continue to come around and mow them fortnightly (my little strategy has worked). 


The formal lounge room


Galley Kitchen




Casual Room.  We are going to spend most of our time in here


Pergola and backyard.

Full sized oven, double fridge, washing machine and large TV.  Plenty of gas and electricity with unlimited hot water.  We should manage until our effects arrive.

Hopefully the internet will be connected either tomorrow or Monday.  The electricity is now in our name, which means we will have an invoice with our name on it and this address.  That will enable us to apply for credit cars, seniors cards, etc.  We can’t hire a car without a credit card so plenty of exercise at the moment walking to the nearest supermarket!

Today our lovely niece kindly drove me to the car dealership which enabled me to do an initial check on available vehicles.  Despite having told me they had what I was looking for in stock…… they didn’t! <grrrr>.  Looks like there might be a two week wait for more stock to arrive.

Jan has been busy cleaning (the house has been empty for several months) and even managed to squeeze in some baking.

ABNB have been in contact to advise there have been a number of viewings of Waiouru.

Both of us were saddened to see the Manchester bombing on TV.  So many unnecessary and pointless deaths.  When can we expect to see the senior figures in ISIS blow themselves up to make a statement about their beliefs, rather than sending disillusioned and indoctrinated cannon fodder?  They will not win!


Paul and El said...

So are going to live in WA rather than SA ??


Tom and Jan said...


We still have tenants in our Adelaide house and my parents house in Perth was vacant (and partially furnished).

Jo Lodge said...

Hi Both.

Wow, how on earth will you manage in that cramped space ha ha ha. it looks beautiful and a wonderful outside space.
Hopefully you will have a sale for Waiouru soon and then you can both get on with your next adventure.

Much love Jo & Keith xxx

Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Tom,
A perceptive comment re the bombings. As always, the old men plan and the young men do. Strange how the old are not keen to leave this life, eh ...

I am pleased to see that you are safely back in WA, at least for the time being.

You'll be pleased to know that the sun has been shining for three days straight here - we are now moored at Hawkesbury Junction as part of the Bank Holiday double out-and-back trip that spans between here and Tarry's Bridge winding hole with NZ friends living in London (picked them up and dropping them off in Rugby).

We do hope you'll be coming to NZ while we are home - please say yes, as it would be lovely to finally meet you both!

Cheers, Marilyn