Thursday, 11 May 2017

Cracks Hill and Jelly Bean

We are still in the Crick area so I decided on a local walk which included Cracks Hill.  Five years ago I’d have walked to the top of the hill scarcely changing stride. Well it’s nota very high hill!   Today, when I reached the top my thighs were burning and heart racing.  I’m seriously in need of some hill work.

Whilst not very high, there are some great views of the surrounding countryside from the top of Cracks Hill.


Crick Village


Looking north towards Yelvertoft Village.

Interestingly Crick is named after the hill.  The Celtic word for hill is ‘Cruc’.  Accordingly to the plaque on the summit the hill is a moraine created during the last ice age.   Local rumour has it that the hill was used as a Roman observation post.  It’s commanding location makes that quite possible.

We cruised into Crick Marina for a pump out and diesel.  All the tanks are now either full or empty.  Whilst there one of our readers introduced himself as ‘Jellybean’.  He’s in the Royal Navy and like most servicemen picked up the nickname from his workmates.  Mine was Zorro!  And I’m not explaining why.  He’s a RN trained marine engineer and must therefore have the best maintained boat in the marina.Smile  Thanks for introducing yourself Jellybean.

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Jeremy Bean said...

Hi Tom and Jan,

Great to finally meet you both. As I mentioned at the weekend, I have been quietly reading your blog since your trials and tribulations with Mr Ben Harp and have thoroughly enjoyed the regular installments - when I am at work it is the only way I can get my canal fix! I wish you fair winds and following seas for the return down under and shall look forward to reading about your future adventures.

Best wishes

Jelly (NB Mister G)