Thursday, 18 May 2017

Busy Day

It’s been all go today. But first we must thank readers for their comments.  Quaysider, of course Jan is taking all her tools back to Oz. She particularly likes the cable crimpers and believes the bright yellow handles will contrast nicely with her pink concrete mixer!

I found our old baggage scales and did a test weigh on my bag.  Only 8kg and we each have an allowance of 30kg.  Perhaps we can fit in more shopping?  The last of the baggage returning by sea was packed and the boxes sealed and labelled.  We accepted the lowest quote (Pickford) and completed all the documentation which has now been emailed to them. Payment was made in full and the boxes will be collected tomorrow.

This morning I decided on a significant change.  For the last five years I’ve been using an electric razor.  I don’t mind a morning wash in cold water but the soap and stubble won’t wash out of the razor if cold water Is used.  Five years out in the weather has resulted in a brown, wind burnt, craggy and leathery face.  That’s Jan’s; mine is worse.  Yesterday I bought a £2 safety razor in Tesco.  It had one of those security tags attached!  I didn’t think a £2 razor was that attractive.  There’s no point in buying aerosol shaving foam as they either take it off you at the airport or it explodes in your case during the flight (don’t ask how I know). So for the first time in 5 years I blade shaved.  The sharp blades proved to be very effective at removing the bumps, pimples and other irregularities leaving behind a smooth pink surface.  Well actually it was more blood red.  Imagine my surprise when I looked beyond the dotted red jowls to see George Clooney. I received some interesting looks as we passed through the hotel lobby with my face dotted in pieces of toilet paper.   I put Norman Gunston to shame.  

We’ve received several emails from ABNB regarding Waiouru. They have valued her at £85,000 which is exactly the same figure we had decided upon.  There are a couple more steps we have to complete before she appears on the ABNB website. Hopefully that will be done by the weekend.

A different route back to the Novotel today.  Suddenly we knew where we were…… beside the Bridgewater Canal and very close to the Duke’s mine entrance.  I might try and fit in a local walk to get another canal “fix”.

We also researched buying rental car insurance prior to leaving the UK.  The annual premium in the UK will only buy the equivalent of 3 weeks coverage in Australia.  However the fine print states it can only be purchased by UK residents.  The entire rental idea became redundant when I realised in Australia a credit card is required to rent a car, and we don’t have one (yet).   


Peter Berry said...

Just for info Tom - I worked for 3 years at Asda as a loss prevention manager after leaving GMP and I can tell you that disposable razors are one of the general shoplifters most sought after items, stolen by the bagful and then exchanged for drug buying cash around the pubs. Easy money.

Pip and Mick said...

Morning Tom. The Waiouru details went on the ABNB website yesterday morning. They only update their website on Wednesdays, it does however have 'subject to owner approval' on it. They had a couple of things that needed amending on Lillyannes details which they changed as soon as we mentioned them.