Monday, 15 May 2017

Blog posts will continue

We want to assure all our readers that the blog will continue.  The banner and name might alter slightly sometime in the next couple of months as it will no longer be about life on NB Waiouru.  But we are slightly addicted to blogging so it will continue.  It will mostly be about my bucket list, which is ever expanding.  Currently it comprises:

  • Build a base for our new king size waterbed.
  • Sell our house and build another
  • Jan wants a swimming pool and a scullery
  • Tom wants a solar array and large workshop
  • Get the new house electrically “off grid” by building a large lithium battery using old laptop batteries.
  • Buy a 4x4 and modify it for outback Australian expeditions
  • Build a rugged outback camper trailer to carry supplies
  • Outback expeditions through the following deserts.  Great Victorian Desert, Gibson Desert, Little Sandy Desert, Great Sandy Desert, Tanami Desert, Simpson Desert, Strzelecki Desert.Sturt Stony Desert.  This should take me across Australia through the middle and back.
  • Visit Canada and China

So back to the here and now.  We spent last night in the Day’s Inn at Watford Gap Services.  I just had to get a canal “fix” and crossed the M1 to reach the Leicester Branch of the Grand Union.


It was a very restless night with both of us missing our crossover bed.  The room was hot and the duvet thick.  I swear the room had a list to starboard and rocked!  This morning we headed north on the M1 and then M6 reaching our son’s house around midday.  The afternoon was spent packing cardboard tea chests.  I’ve been doing the physical packing whilst Jan is the scribe documenting the inventory.  It’s a ‘tight pack’ as we don’t want to pay to ship English air to Australia.  The task is now 90% complete.  Hopefully we will be asking for quotation tomorrow evening.

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Catherine VK4GH said...

Many more interesting and technical posts to come, glad to hear. Any idea what part of Australia? After living in Queensland for 30 years (starting in Cairns, and then lastly in Brisbane) we have found the summers too hot and too long (9 months), and will live in Tasmania when we finally move to land again. After being in the UK for so long, you will take some adjusting to the heat too no doubt.