Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Black hole and the Orphans

There was no blog post yesterday because for the first time we were unable to get a Three Mobile data signal.  Interestingly, the phone had three bars and we had a voice signal.  This extract from the Three coverage map shows our location at Crick.

3 map

The light grey blocks on the map represent areas where there is no coverage.  If we had moved 100 metres it’s probable we would have received a signal. 

Yesterday evening I went for a short towpath walk reaching Yelvertoft Marina.  The moorings for this year’s Crick Boat Show are already in place.  They stretch as far as Bridge 15. 


The canal curves around Crack’s Hill and whilst there is nothing unusual about that, it was the object on the skyline which caught my eye.  An alternative to the Three Mobile Network? 


I’ve already mentioned the bends on this canal and this is what can happen if you’re going too fast.



Shortly thereafter I came upon six orphans.  No sign of their mother which makes me wonder how long they will last?


The answer is at least one more day because we passed them this morning.  We’re now moored near Darker’s Bridge and obviously have internet coverage.  This afternoon more time was spent sorting our possessions.  The philosophy that has been adopted is “If in doubt – toss it out!”

This evening there was a phone call from Three.  Because we have been such a long and valued customer we had been selected to participate in a special reward program and could buy a second mobile phone on a 24 month contract.  It was rather obvious that the call was triggered by our 30 day notification to cancel our current account.  For the first three minutes the Mumbai call centre operator didn’t give me the opportunity to explain why we weren’t interested.


Peter Berry said...

Here we are, pitched in our motorhome in Germany on the banks of the River Mosel in the middle of nowhere using our three mobile wi-if dongle without issue and roaming with no extra cost on our UK contract allowance. Can't get better than that.

Pip and Mick said...

If you happen to come across a broom near your mooring that will be ours. Glad you have signal again. Pip

Tom and Jan said...

No broom and not even a mother-in-law Mick

Tom and Jan said...

Peter, the words salt and wound come to mind