Saturday, 27 May 2017

As one is done another appears

It seems that as we solve one issue another appears.  An example of this would be our internet connection.  We’re currently using the small amount of data on our mobile phone but submitted a request for an ADSL connection to the house three days ago.  At the time we were informed the phone line to the house was active.  Today the ADSL provider sent us a text message telling us we were connected.  But we don’t have a connection.  It appears the telephone line may not be active!  The house has been unoccupied for several months so today we borrowed a stepladder to clean all the light fittings and ceiling mounted air conditioning outlets.  Jan also managed to move some money but we have to be careful as we currently only have one working card and can’t afford to have a machine swallow it!

My sister kindly let us use her car today which enabled us to visit the nearest Aldi for a large restock of the pantry.  Food spoils much quicker here which is why we need a big fridge.  Jan also has to remember not to throw stale bred out the window.  There are no local ducks!

I went for a local walk and took a few photos to show our UK readers what a typical Perth suburb looks like.


Wide suburban roads, palm trees and blue sky.  It’s winter and the locals think it’s cold.  I’m wearing a Tshirt and shorts!

Jan thinks she might have found a ‘back door’ way to get a credit card.  Without one we can’t hire a car and Australian public transport is nothing like England’s.

There was a moment of nostalgia today whilst Jan was watching TV.  There was a scene involving  narrowboats and living on the Cut.


Marilyn McDonald said...

Hi Tom and Jan,

Did you relinquish your UK credit cards?

I do love to photos of the Perth streets - similar to where David's sister lives in Alexandra Hills in Brisbane. Such beautiful wide streets and openness.

Be careful though - you will make the poms jealous and they will all want to come to WA, especially once Brexit hits ...

Cheers, Marilyn

Halfie said...

You have Aldi in Australia?

Tom and Jan said...

Marilyn we never had credit cards in the UK.

Halfie yes aldi has had a major affect on the big two supermarkets here (Coles & Woolworths). Lidl is also considering a presence.

Halfie said...

Are you working through your old posts and responding to comments? Better late than never, I suppose!

Tom and Jan said...

Found four waiting publication when I went into Blogger. Don't know why they didn't appear as usual. Must be Blogger!