Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Couple of Solutions

We were rather annoyed when a text message was received from the courier company collecting our unaccompanied boxes advising collection would be between 7.30am and 6pm.  That’s not the advice we received from Pickfords who told us it would be sometime between midday and 6pm.  Eventually the courier arrived at 3pm grumbling about the number of boxes.  Things improved slightly when our son did all the carrying out to the vehicle.  Both of us then appreciated the irony that after six years in the UK we are back to living out of three bags.  Actually the 3rd bag is so empty we spent a full day shopping for more shoes and clothing.   I then did a test pack and weigh.  Our three bags collectively weigh 37kg, so we are well under our allowance of 60kg.

The second irony is we are now in the Travelodge at Rugby for our last night in the UK.  We’re actually in the room opposite the one when we arrived here back in May 2011.

Without the ability to prepare and cook our fresh food we’ve been living on processed food for the last few days.  I dare say we now have more preservative than King Tutankhamun.

So much for the boring stuff.  Now for a couple of suggestions some readers might find interesting.

The laptop keyboard is starting to play up yet again and I don’t have any tools to pull it apart and fiddle fix it.  That will have to wait.  However I have an interim solution.  We are going to need a portable wireless keyboard for the planned media server system (on the bucket list) so today I managed to buy a Logitech wireless keyboard on special.   It has a usb dongle that plugs into the laptop similar to the mouse.  Thus far it’s doing a good job of being an alternative to the laptop keyboard.


I think you will have realised I’m becoming paranoid about protecting our internet privacy.  Anyone using the internet is probably using a browser.  And almost every browser is “free”!  Of course the company that supplies the browser earns money by selling your browsing history and other information you give them.  Google Chrome is an excellent browser but Google does collect huge amounts of data from users.  So I was very pleased to discover a new browser that looks almost exactly like Chrome and appears to be just as effective.  It’s Epic.  The browser is currently only available for Windows and iOS but an Android version is coming.  Epic claims to protect users against the majority of tracking and data mining. 


Pip and Mick said...

Enjoy your last day in the UK and flight back to Australia. We'll watch and see if we can guess which plane you are on tonight as we may be under your flight path by then. Safe journey. Pip and Mick

Judith Emery said...

Hope you have a good journey back to Australia and soon get settled. Please keep up the blog we so look forward to reading about your latest exploits.
Judith and John nb Serena

David said...

All the best for the future you two.
Enjoy the next phase.
Hope all that sand won't leave you dragging bottom.

David & Karen

Marilyn McDonald said...

Travel safely to the southern hemisphere, you two.
Not sure if you are planning an NZ trip, but if you are between mid-October and early May, please let us know - we would love to have you come and stay with us in Waikanae. Or, if we are away in our new motorhome (following us back from the UK in early November), we will find a way and a place to meet up.

Cheers, Marilyn