Saturday, 29 April 2017

Well that was exciting!

Preamble.  I had filled and set the Kipor 2kW generator on the bank at the bow and connected it into the bow shoreline plug. Starting the Kipor was easy and I went to the stern of Waiouru and set the switch on the Victron Inverter/Charger to shore power.  Up until this point everything went well.

The Problem.  Thirty minutes later in an unusual fit of insanity I decided to get the vacuum cleaner out and give the carpet a good going over. When I started the vacuum cleaner the lights went out on the Victron panel and the cleaner stopped. But the generator was still running.  In a state of slight panic (unusual for me Smile) I turned the Victron off and back on. The power returned for a nano second and died again.  After that the charger half of the Victron wouldn’t work.  One of those OMG moments…… I’ve fried the charger half of the Victron by overloading it. 

Now into serious fault finding mode I sensibly started with the Victron User Manual hoping to find some clear instruction regarding a fuse.  No such luck!  The next step was to remove everything off the back bed to gain access to the Victron.  Well that was as dead as the remote panel.  So I removed the front cover from the Victron hoping to see a fuse or circuit breaker.  Nothing obvious!  It was about then that I made the transition from mild panic to logic.  Out came the multi-meter and I tested the incoming 240V terminals from the shoreline side.  Relief…… there’s no power to the Victron and our £2500 inverter/charger is probably OK.  Now I could have started tracing the 240V cable back to the fault but instead had one of those quantum jumps in logic.  Whilst the Kipor was still running maybe the fault was at that end.

The Kipor had a flashing red overload light on the control panel.  I couldn’t clear it so I turned the generator off and restarted it. Problem solved.  Obviously the 2kW Kipor can’t handle the start-up load of the vacuum cleaner.  This was a good reminder “LOOK FOR THE SIMPLE THINGS FIRST!

Now you may know that the crazy fat kid with the weird haircut has been threatening the USA and Australia with nuclear annihilation.  A very good friend has sent me a copy of the Australian strategy to ensure this doesn’t occur.  Apparently the leaflet below is being sent to North Korea.  Well I think it is downright sneaky and not cricket.  But then this is a country notorious for underarm bowling.



Halfie said...

Given their success rate with missiles this plan could backfire.

Catherine VK4GH said...

Think you are right about overloading the generator. We have a Honda 2kva, and can not have our Sterling 60w charger on and use the vacuum cleaner or microwave at the same time, as it overloads. Just have to turn charger off and run the appliances straight from the generator.