Friday, 28 April 2017

WaL and the Kiwi connection

There we were midway through our morning start up routine when Jan glanced out the window and exclaimed “It’s WaL!”  “Grab the camera” says me.  Whilst Jan was taking a photo there was a knock on the side of the boat.



Of course it was Lisa banging on the side to ensure we were awake!  Smile

If my memory is accurate our last meeting was several years ago and right here in Braunston! 

There are at least two Kiwi connections to WaL.   The first is Wal, who is a well known Kiwi character created by cartoonist Murray Ball in the series Footrot FlatsWikipedia describes Wal as

Wal Footrot was born on 26 January in Northern Manawatu. He was educated at Apiti Primary School and later Feilding Agricultural High, where he excelled at tractor reversing and rooster imitations. Wal took a full part in all school activities. He displayed a promising right cross during his time in the front row of the 2nd XV, but was unable to transfer this ability to the boxing ring. He rather let the side down during the inter-school championships by throwing in the sponge, which knocked the referee's glasses crooked. He was disqualified. On leaving school, he acquired 400 acres (160 ha) of swamp between the Ureweras and the sea. He is unmarried, although he has an interest in Darlene "Cheeky" Hobson, who works in the Ladies Hairdressers at Raupo. Wal also plays rugby union for Raupo where he is a Hooker and dreams of representing New Zealand's national team, the legendary All Blacks.

So the second link is that Wal Footrot is also a farmer.  The main character in Footrot Flats is the Dog.  The Dog fancies himself as Wal’s best friend and together they have many humours experiences.

bunnycowdog1 dog2a

dog2Copyright Murray Ball


Don McCoskrie said...

Are you aware of this:

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Don,

Yes, I knew Murray had died. A great Kiwi talent lost to NZ and the world!

Lisa said...

Actually Tom a lot of WaL listed above rings true from where I sit. Lovely to have seen you today. The Boating Blog World is going to miss you,

Good luck and we wish you and Jan well,
Lisa & David

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Lisa, Amanda & David,
Thank you for the company and tea. Far be it for me to comment on any similarity with Darlene "Cheeky" Hobson and I just can't envisage David in black singlet and gumboots.

Enjoy the Avon.
Tom & Jan