Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Wrong Green Boat

This morning Waiouru had some further TLC when I repainted the TV mast support, the rivet heads on the front hatch and a damaged section of paint near the starboard recessed stern panels.  The TV support and rivet heads look good but the paint near the stern looks #$%^&.  It’s going to need to be sanded back and repainted. <grrrrrr>

In the afternoon I walked up the Marsworth flight to Bulbourne Junction.  I was looking for a green boat and after waiting a couple of minutes it appeared from the direction of Tring.  I do like it when a plan comes together.  It didn’t take long to fill the lock but as the boat got closer I realised there was a second person with the solo lady boater I was expecting.  Had she collected a passenger?

About then I realised it wasn’t the green boat I had been expecting.  Still, the couple from Newcastle, Australia were grateful for my assistance in setting the lock and happily waited for “my” green boat which arrived five minutes later.


Two green boats

My boater was of course Jaq Biggs on nb Valerie


Jaq’s boat handling skills have significantly improved since I observed her steering Valerie up the Hatton Flight (9.75 out of 10 [well I have to leave her room for improvement]).

The Aussie couple on the “other” green boat travel over every year and spend the summer on their boat.  He told me they were “10 pound poms” who had emigrated in 1962.  They are now retired and enjoy summer all year round.  Part of a growing group!

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Marilyn McDonald said...

good to know Jaq has some travelling companions as she starts on her solo adventures, Tom and Jan.
This Kiwi couple are hoping to connect with her too when we get back onboard Waka Huia in just over two weeks - of course, we are going to have to track her down and organise a suitable rendezvous, given we will be starting off from Debdale!
Cheers, Marilyn