Monday, 17 April 2017

Marsworth Moorings

We are back at Marsworth Junction and have managed to squeeze onto the end of the visitor moorings.  Actually we were overhanging the end for 20 minutes until the boat in front of us departed for Aylesbury.  With such a generous time it’s not hard to see why the moorings are so popular .


Yesterday afternoon I completed repainting the thin lengths of graphite grey on the hatch slide and then sanded back and applied a coat of varnish to the sides of the hatch which were looking slightly tired after being brushed so often entering and exiting the boat.

IMG_20170416_190753In a fit of madness I even cleaned the brass strip.

This morning I sanded, masked and then applied a coat of primer to the other end of the slide support rails.

IMG_20170416_190715Jan said not to paint as it was going to rain (she was right…..but the paint had dried!).

Sunday lunch was at The Angels Retreat.  We had a roast lunch there the last time we were in Marsworth and enjoyed the meal.

IMG_20170416_181101IMG_20170416_121238A good selection of vegetables!

The White Lion is still boarded up


More painting tomorrow, weather permitting


Don McCoskrie said...

I thought you were allergic to brass and used stainless for everything.

Tom and Jan said...

Absolutely right Don. If my skin comes in direct contact with the stuff I get a very itchy rash! Yesterday I wore thermal gloves and that appears to have done the trick😁