Sunday, 9 April 2017

Leaving Milton Keynes

Another 9am departure and we weren’t the first boat on the move.  Why do you always meet an oncoming boat at a blind bridge hole? This time it was a Jules Fuels working boat and butty.


There was a 40 minute wait below Fenny Stratford Lock whilst we topped up the water tank and then we continued south finding a lovely quiet rural mooring about 300 metres before Stoke Hammond Lock.


The airflow trick through the bilge appears to have worked.  Jan noticed the musty smell during the cruise but it had dissipated by the time we had moored up.  We’ve seen more of those Wyvern ‘Terrors’ based at Leighton Buzzard.  They are either at the end or beginning of their hire period.

I can’t say they are the only speeding boaters as a few privateers have done the same.  The effects are obvious if you bother to look.


I went for an evening wander to get some exercise.  Jan does the locks for her workout!


I must say the exterior condition of the Wyvern hire fleet looks excellent.  Every boat looks like it was repainted and re-blacked over winter.

Of course I negated the positive impact of the walk by munching into some of Jan’s freshly baked date loaf on my return.

Waiouru’s cabin roof and sides are back to looking dirty.I’m sure they were washed and polished in the last four weeks.  Oh well……. idle hands and all that!

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