Friday, 21 April 2017

Bloggers and the Cratch Cover

Jan got really annoyed with the boater in the photo below.  He was racing around the junction and his wake almost knocked her off her feet twice!  Apparently the “ice maiden” stare from the side hatch was enough to cease and desist.


This morning we slipped the mooring and moved off to the water point for a top up.  Then it was a matter of doing locks.  A routine was quickly developed.  Along the way we passed two bloggers.  The first was nb Lois Jane (the Pen Boat) with Debbie waving from the window.  The second was nb Chuffed.  There was only time for a brief conversation with Debby as we needed to catch up with Jaq who was forging ahead.

P1030935About 20 minutes later I glanced at a moored boat and received a surprise when I saw the name.

P103093320170420-P1030933Either a recent paint job or there are two Granny Buttons!

The Jules Fuel Boats were moored below Grove Lock.  Jaq decided she want to reverse back for fuel whilst we continued on to look for a mooring.


We found a suitable mooring about a kilometre later and had just finished mooring  (I was preparing to walk to Tesco in Leighton Buzzard)  when there was a call from Jaq “Help, I have something large around the prop and rudder!”  I walked back to find her being towed to the bank by an obliging passing boater.

I have to say this is the first time I have removed a cratch cover via the weed hatch.  Smile  If anyone needs a cratch cover they should contact Jaq.  It might be useful if they own, or have access to; a sewing machine. Smile


nb Chuffed said...

Your photo nicely shows where Dave had touched up part of the red lettering! It definitely wasn't our cratch cover round Jaq's prop - we dumped ours in the Calcutt bin! Nice to see you both if only briefly

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Debby,
We recognised Chuffed in the distance from the attractive colour scheme. Sorry we were unable to stop longer and hope you have a safe cruise south. Send photo of the old cratch covrr in the bin at Calcutt. 😂

Quaysider said...

Very pleased to read you're pottering around near Jaq and were able to help her - she's in my thoughts daily ... I only talker to Les a couple of times via boating forums and never met either of them but it's funny how by reading people's blogging ramblings you feel like a friend.

'hope you don't sell up TOO soon.


Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mark,

Jaq is a lovely lady and we hope you get the opportunity to meet her when she heads on further north.

Boatwif said...

My worst prop/weed hatch moment was a double duvet but that was 10 minutes after I had cleared a carpet from the prop. Great to see that you are travelling with Jaq.
Ken and Sue nb Cleddau

Bryce Lee said...

Thank you for assisting Jaq; we were talking briefly on the telephone after you had opened the first lock north. She shall require some assistance for the next week or so, to gain her sea legs so to speak without Les. Mind, we alll need to keep her in our prayers and thoughts at this difficult time for her.
I shall do what I can fice clock hours distance here in Southern Ontario Canada. One of these days I too shall apppear on the edge of the cut in person or spirit to hail NB Valerie.

Tom and Jan said...

Bryce it has been our pleasure to share boating with Jaq. She is a lovely lady.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

Thank you everyone for your kindness, prayers, good thoughts and practical assistance. It warms my heart to know so many folks are holding me in their thoughts and hearts.

Tom and Jan it was wonderful to spend some time with you both. I shall miss you when you move to Oz for the next adventures in your lives and I am so pleased I had a chance to do a bit of cruising with you. I shall both of you in my heart and mind always.

Jaq xxx

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Jaq,

We are now at Weedon Bec. Looking for a pram colour you will like!😂