Thursday, 13 April 2017


A bit of a mission today with us heading to PC World in the Aylesbury Shopping Park.  Jan has been researching electric toasters and selected a make and model that was on special.


Of course we had to try it out on our return to Waiouru just in case something didn’t work.  A Wyvern Terror with a young family on board arrived mid morning and was gone again by mid afternoon.  We remember those busy hire boating days! Smile 

We had a leisurely day wandering around the town.  There was a small market underway in the Market Square.


The old corn exchange building is at the far left in the above photo.


The town still has its narrow centre with a few interesting buildings.  I happened to notice this next building. 


OK.  It didn’t look particularly special, but it was the wording on the front above the door that interested me.


I remember Aylesbury because of the ‘Battle of Aylesbury’ (1 November 1642) during the Civil War.  The battle was actually fought slightly north of the town.  At the time the Royalists held Aylesbury and when they heard a force of Parliamentarians was approaching from the north they left the town to attack the smaller force of Roundheads.  It was a tactical blunder as the smaller Parliamentarian force not only forces the Royalists to retreat but also abandon Aylesbury.  The Royalists suffered some 500 casualties and the Roundheads approximately 90.


Mike Griffin said...

Aylesbury has a lot to answer for - I went to secondary school there!, the Great Train Robbers were sent down there and it has 'grown like Topsy' over the last few years with about 15.000 new houses being built.

Take care at Cowroast because you are in 'God's own country'.

Mike Griffin - nb Albion Mills

PS. The Toasters a good model, we have one.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mike,

I'm not sure if we will make it as far as Cowroast. It's getting very close to the date when we have to start heading back north.