Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Aylesbury Arm

Another early start with an 8.30am departure. The two locks before Marsworth Junction were both in our favour although the pound between them was very low.  We quietly slipped passed nb Doo Lalli Ali unnoticed by Chris and Alison and stopped at the CRT services on the junction to top up with water and dispose of our rubbish.


Last time we were this way the redevelopment of the site was in progress.  Now it’s complete!



Then it was a turn to starboard onto the Aylesbury Arm.  We’ve not previously cruised the arm and it makes a pleasant change to go somewhere new.


The first thing you notice is the lack of by-washes


There are sixteen narrow locks on the canal.  For the first third of the way we were accompanied by this very friendly heron.  You could walk around him and he would just look at you.  When he wasn’t closely watching the water


Some boater had grabbed an excellent mooring just below Lock 11.


Yes…. The lock landing!!!!

Bates Boatyard appears to specialise in old wooden working boats.


Shortly thereafter we passed under the bridge we thought had recently been damaged when struck by a vehicle.


Well we got that wrong!  It was this bridge that’s out of action.


Looks an expensive repair!

We passed two boats going in the opposite direction.  The crew of the first informed us there were plenty of moorings outside Waitrose.  Waitrose! What Waitrose?  I thought it was Tesco that is beside the canal.  We passed the new Aylesbury Canal Society basin and swish looking club house on our way to Tesco.

P1030891The moorings outside Tesco didn’t look too good. They are beside a road and a noisy recycling plant was opposite.  Although tired and hungry (it was now 2.30pm and we hadn’t had lunch) we decided to go through the last lock and down to the winding hole.

Hey, it’s really nice down here in the town basin.  Secure 2 day finger moorings with an adjacent Waitrose! Smile Ready access to the town centre and a ‘Spoons’ across the road.



Pip and Mick said...

We managed to use the free WiFi from Waitrose when we moored there a couple of years ago, although we were on a pontoon a bit closer. But it's always worth a try.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mick,

We don't have an issue with our internet allowance but it's interesting to know Waitrose is perhaps available.

Pip and Mick said...

We don't have problems now with our allowance, but we did then.