Friday, 17 March 2017

We’re off!

It’s so good to be back on the move…… even if it’s back towards Braunston!  We pulled the ropes through the rings at 7.30am which just goes to show how keen we were to be on our way. It was  quite a squeeze past Clifton Cruisers as they had boats three abreast by their wharf and the outside boat was only secured by a centreline.

Both bottom locks at Hillmorton were empty and in fact all three were in our favour.  One worry was the water flowing over the top gates in the bottom lock.  Did that mean the second pound would be empty?


Behind us you could see the original alignment of the canal. 


Rose Narrowboats have two boats moored here and I wonder if they are responsible for clearing the trees from the old alignment?  This end of the disused canal might make good moorings?


The second pound was full and it was a quick transit up the flight.  I noticed this figure below the coping stone in the second lock.  We’ve been this way on numerous occasions and this is the first time I’ve noticed it.


NB Oakfield was moored above the top lock but there was no sign of Keith&Anne (too early?). 

It looks like the Canal Shop at Hillmorton Wharf might have closed or moved?

We pushed on in what was a rather cold and windy day going down Barby Strait and eventually reaching the mooring at Onley.  We haven’t forgotten you Les!

There has been more progress on the new Dunchurch Pools Marina since we passed two weeks ago.  It appears a large building is under construction and further south at the Braunston end the entrance was being completed.


We finished the day about a kilometre before Braunston.


Lovely day!


Halfie said...

In your tree clearance photo it appears that a large brown bear is supervising proceedings.

Tom and Jan said...

You need to be careful about how you refer to me! 😃

Mrs Tiggy said...

Hi there, 'Cruising the Cut' explains all about the restoration work going on at Hillmorton in this edition of his vlog. :-)

Tom and Jan said...

That was very interesting Mrs Tiggy.

Jaqueline Biggs said...

I will always be fondly reminded of meeting up with you and Jan, as well as NB Milie M, NB Rock n Roll, and NB Piston Broke all at Onley at one time or another. Such good times. So pleased you mentioned Les and invoked his memory!

Love Jaq xxx