Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Weedon Bec

we had an early lunch yesterday as Jan needed to be standing on the towpath at midday waiting for her Tesco delivery which was scheduled between 12 and 1pm.  At 12:10 the delivery arrived. How come she doesn’t have to wait for hours in the cold?


A very friendly driver who didn’t know the road existed and who had never delivered to a boat.


Taking advantage of the fine weather, I went for a local evening stroll heading back towards Braunston before completing a circuit to the south.


Norton Junction

I had previously noticed the transmitter mast on the horizon to the SW.  It can’t be a TV transmitter because none of the local antenna point that way.


NB Albert, a Braidbar Boat moored behind us for the night.  Paintwork was polished but the brass was dirty…… duly reported!Smile


We disposed of the rubbish and filled the water tank before heading down the Buckby Flight.  We frightened a stag on the offside as we exited the top lock.


Ben and Kelly have moved from below Lock 9 since we passed by this way in 2015.  I wonder where they went? 


The pig farm was abandoned!

Paul Balmer, is this a winding hole between Locks 12 & 13?

IMG_1504There was a slight surprise when we discovered the sneaky Penmakers moored opposite Wilton Marine.   How did they manage to pass us?


Debbie popped out to say Hi and tell us of their immediate cruising plans.

From this point to Weedon Bec numerous boats are moored along the cut. Some are rather interesting or perhaps more correctly described as unusual.


I’m not sure I’d want to steer looking over the top of that generator.

P1030847The “shipping container” widebeam. Must be plenty of room inside but navigating the bridges must be interesting.

The local village entity was seated in exactly the same position as before.


Some things have changed.  It appears a major road is being constructed from the east and is heading directly for the canal.  One assumes bridge abutments will start to appear shortly.


There were plenty of vacant moorings at Weedon Bec so we stopped and had a late lunch.  In the afternoon I sanded and repainted the stern cants. 


Mike Todd said...

For new road see

Tom and Jan said...

Mike you are a mine of information!

Steve Morton said...

The radio mast is Daventry Radio, there used to be a lot more masts there at one time. Now just a single mast for DAB transmissions:

this site has some useful information too:

Tom and Jan said...

Steve, I enjoyed the wikipedia link

Paul (from Waterway Routes) said...

I didn't think that was a winding point and, unfortunately, your photo doesn't show a wide enough view for me to tell otherwise. CRT don't have it logged as a winding point, but I don't trust their info too much anyway. It does look like it's been dug out recently - do you think it's winding point now?

I've spotted the link in the comment earlier for the road but I'm looking forward to receiving a waypoint from you to confirm the expected position of the new road bridge.

Tom and Jan said...


I suspect it s possible to wind there, but you will be ale to confirm that when you cruise this way in a few months. The new road currently isn't sufficiently close to the canal to accurately produce a crossing location.

I have some AP's which I must download from the gps and email you.