Monday, 13 March 2017

Washing Machine and the Drill

Both John and Ade queried how Jan was able to use the washing machine in the last post when we moved it onto the stern in the previous post.  Well the short answer is “She is a clever girl!”  However the more accurate answer is I’m not so clever and managed to reverse the order of the draft posts when publishing them.

We walked into Rugby yesterday and whilst there discussed the purchase and delivery of a replacement machine with the helpful staff in Argos.  No order was placed because their price was significantly higher than Currys.  Once back on the boat Jan put out a general call for advice from the boating “sisterhood”.  This resulted in her informing me we should consider as a potential supplier.  I looked at their website and identified the machine we have been considering was cheaper.  However there was no information regarding a cold wash cycle or if they would deliver to a narrowboat.  Their online chat was offline so I sent them an email with our queries! 

A decision was then made that if AO didn’t reply by midday Sunday we would purchase through Argos.  We awoke this morning to find an email from AO in our inbox.  Everything looked good and I started to place the order when Jan told me to order through QUIDCO and get another 8% off the already discounted price.  There was a problem when I reached the delivery location.  The nearest postcode to our mooring at Brownsover is on the opposite side of the canal.  There was no postcode for our side.  To get around this I have left detailed instructions on our delivery location.  We opted for free delivery with the first available day being Tuesday.  AO have advised they will contact us an hour prior to the delivery which will give us enough time to get the old machine off the stern and wheel it to the car park.  It remains to be seen if the plan works.

This morning I walked to Aldi after Jan noticed they had a portable hammer drill on their ‘specialbuys’.


It’s only 14.4V and 1.5A so not very powerful.  Even the user manual states it’s not suitable for professional use.  I already have a couple of powerful battery drills along with a heavy duty 240V version.  This one will be used for the lightweight task of driving screws into wood.

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