Monday, 20 March 2017

Start again

Yes,there was no post yesterday.  The laptop battery went flat because I was playing doing some serious stuff on it all afternoon!

So you get two posts today and I will have caught up!

The weather yesterday was looking inclement, however I made the decision to wash and polish the starboard side of the cabin thinking that I’d now be up to date with all this polishing stuff.  I started the process wearing a raincoat and fleece but by the time I reached the polishing stage I was down to a T-shirt.  I swear this boat is getting longer!  The passing walkers had all the usual comments.  Male – “That looks like hard work”.  Female – “You’ll make it rain”. They were both right.

P1030813P1030815The photos don’t do it justice <but then I’m biased>.  The Craftmaster polish has bought up the Graphite Grey quite nicely.  Of course the roof is now dirty after the latest rain and will have to be washed again.

After all that work I went inside to cool down followed by a shower and change of clothes.  We then went to the Boathouse for the Sunday carvery.  Nothing wrong with the meal except the gravy was very watery.

NB Banbury Blue passed us during the day with a huge Australian flag flying from the stern.  The steerer mentioned he used to read our blog when they were in Australia and he liked the walking posts.  I haven’t done many of those lately…… which is probably why I’m so fat and lazy!

The next post will be slightly nerdy as I’m off to Daventry regarding the sat-dome.

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