Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Shower Door Project–Part1

I made a start on the shower door magnetic retaining catch today.

The two neodymium magnets are 30x8x2mm and came with a strip of rubber between them to prevent damage during transport.  My plan is to retain the strip of rubber as a buffer between the two magnets in the hope it will minimize any damage should the shower door be slammed shut.

maagnetsOur Ebay magnets costing £1 each

The first step was to clean up the rebate in the existing grey magnetized seal on the shower door frame.  I used a sharp wood chisel to make a level surface. 


The existing seal is held in the door frame by a vertical ‘T’ groove in the aluminium frame and I’m hoping there is sufficient strength in the remains of the seal and the aluminium frame to secure one of the magnets with construction adhesive.

The second step was to do a test to ensure the magnets and rubber buffer would fit into the rebate and still allow the shower door to seal.  I held them in place with some duct tape.


Removing the piece of original seal has created a deep enough rebate so I removed the magnets and filled the gap in the frame with waterproof construction adhesive (glue).  The magnets were then placed onto the glue and held in place with more duct tape.


Then I filled the ‘T’ channel on the shower door with construct adhesive.  This will be allowed to set before I trim off the excess adhesive to create a flat surface for the second magnet.


If you are wondering why I didn’t glue a magnet to the frame and door during this step it’s because I want to give the adhesive 24 hours to cure before I place any strain on both magnets.  It will also make it easier to align the two magnets during Part 2.

You may have noticed I zoomed in very close to take the above photos.  Jan had threatened dire physical consequences if I were to publish a photo  which might show an unclean shower. 

Just joking……she would never do that to me!Smile

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