Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Shower Door Part 2

After breakfast this morning I peeled the duct tape off the magnet on the shower door frame confirming the adhesive had set.


The surplus adhesive looks a little messy but I’ll remove it with a razor knife.


The adhesive I used to fill the ‘T’ track in the door has also set but like the frame; it’s ‘lumpy’.  That can also be cleaned up using a razor knife.

After cleaning up the door frame I applied a thin smear of adhesive to the face of the magnet and then placed the piece of rubber (actually it’s plastic) buffer on it


The black plastic buffer was then secured with more duct tape


After cleaning the surplus adhesive off the door I had a smooth surface onto which I then applied more adhesive


The second magnet was them positioned on the new adhesive and secured in place using yet more duct tape.


All this adhesive should have set in time for our nightly shower.

After lunch I walked into Rugby and collected the Ebay tweezers from Argos.  Now I can make a start on the watch.  Of course it has again started working! Smile

PS.  Jan said that as I’ve made the shower messy, I can clean it!

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