Friday, 31 March 2017

Short Cruise

It was a short cruise today.  We left Weedon Bec after 9.30 and were moored outside Heyford Fields Marina by noon.  There was a stop at Stowe Hill for water.  Just to top up the tank.


Is this the only green water point on the network?

There was a second stop at Bridge 32 to fill the diesel cans (domestic 71ppl). When I suggested to the attendant that business must have declined with the recent warm weather he told me it died at the end of the second week in January.

We found a good mooring at the end of a line of boats outside Heyford Fields Marina.

IMG_1523IMG_1522I spent some of the afternoon applying a second coat of black paint to the bow scroll work and the stern.  It appears my fear that the rain would cause the paint to”bloom” was unfounded.


Hopefully the brush marks will flatten out over the next few days.


I need to make a decision about the remaining black paintwork on the bow.  It’s not chipped or marked but the paint looks slightly dull.  I might be able to improve the surface using a cutting compound and some polish rather than sanding and repainting.


Alan Montague said...

To help reduce brush marks and thick edges etc. have you looked at the additive Owatrol oil? It's been recommended to me numerous times and I have bought some to try this summer when painting.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Alan

Yes, I'm using Owatrol and it does make the paint easier to apply.