Monday, 27 March 2017

Long Buckby

The bread supply on board was running low and after looking at the map a walk to the Co-op In Long Buckby seemed the obvious solution (well to me. Jan being more sensible placed an online order for a Tesco delivery to the boat).  I knew I’d previously walked this area but didn’t remember Long Buckby village.  The younger person on board with the excellent memory remembered the Co-op and the Costcutter!

long buckby

Twenty minutes into the walk and it started coming back to me when I crossed the West Coast Main Line and the M1 Motorway.

P1030832It must only be a couple of weeks since we took the rental car down this same route!  Leaving the noise and bustle of the road and rail traffic behind I wandered along the footpath through spring crops.  It’s lovely countryside around here.


Having said that, I could do with a few more hills to exercise the relaxed muscle below my chest.  The Co-op was attractively positioned behind a thatch roof covered carriageway and I almost missed it.


P1030835Long Bucky Village . 

I opted to return using a different route which took me back over the fields and into Buckby Wharf.


Waiouru is out there……. somewhere!

I was wandering along when I heard the noise of a low flying piston engine aircraft overhead but I couldn’t see it because I was looking directly into the sun.  Eventually it moved out of the sun enabling me to see its silhouette.  A WW2 fighter with “pointly” ends to the wings.  I think it was a Spitfire.  The obvious thing to do was grab the camera from the backpack and take a photo.  


Hummm….. Must have been painted blue!


At Long Buckby Wharf the three main modes of transport converge and run parallel for several kilometres. The M1 and rail line go over the road into the village whilst the canal goes under.


Oh…. I bought too much bread.

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