Sunday, 19 March 2017

Interesting Canal Information

It appears I might have partially fixed the keyboard problem.  I think the issue is me striking the keys too hard and I’ve desensitized the keyboard.  Well it was a cheap laptop which I modified with SSD’s RAM and a new wifi card so perhaps I’m expecting too much from it.  But it’s going to have to last a little longer because finances won’t stretch to a replacement at this time.

I received an interesting link from Mrs Tiggy regarding the blog post about the canal work below Hillmorton Bottom Lock.  The link is here Video Log.

Apparently volunteers are restoring the end of the old canal and the intention is to create moorings for restored working boats.  The video link also shows the work which has been done at Clifton Cruisers where the new owner has restored more of the old canal to use as moorings.  So two short stretches of canal that have been abandoned for 200 years are being re-watered and put to use.

Poor Jan had used all the cough medicine.   I have too look after her otherwise I’d poison myself with my cooking!  Anyway, I went to Daventry today and purchased more, making sure it was the ‘non drowsy’ version (so I could be fed).  Her cough has been sounding very nasty but hopefully she is now over the worst of it. 


Dave said...

Hi Tom

Depending on the make/model see if its possible to pick up another keyboard off ebay. Usually not too hard to change and if its a thinkpad/lenovo eaven easier.

Tom and Jan said...


I've checked that. Unfortunately it has a middle east keyboard with arabic keys!

Snowy Owl said...

Could you use one of the mini plug in USB keyboards?

Dave said...

Hi Tom

Shouldn't be a problem if the laptop is sold worldwide. I have changed keyboards from other countries to UK, they are all very similar just need to change settings in windows to correct keyboard

Tom and Jan said...

Dave regrettably some of the keys (and the case) are a different shape to the available 'western' style keyboards.