Thursday, 16 March 2017

Hyper-active child

This will be a short post because of the antics of the hyper-active child that has joined us aboard Waiouru.  When let loose for the first time the damned washing machine became so excited that we had to physically restrain it from bounding around the boat.  Fortunately after several minutes it calmed down and settled in it’s corner making light tummy rumbling sounds.  Smile

Halfie, the Beko appears to be quite happy operating on the power from the Victron inverter! 

Jan was (as you would expect) very excited about her new toy and did four loads of washing before calling it a day.  The last load was our raincoats which are now two years old and were looking very “boatie” (grubby).  Now we’ll look like weekenders when we cruise in inclement weather.  All this frenetic activity became too much for me and I went off to hide in the cratch where I cleaned the floor and rubbed down a couple of rust patches before applying some primer.

The final visit to Tesco has been made and we’ve topped up the water tank.  Off cruising again tomorrow…Hurrah! 


Steve Morton said...

You did remove the transport bolts out of the back of the machine that keeps the drum rigid during transit?

Tom and Jan said...

Steve, Is the pope a catholic.... are the Kennedy's gun shy! Those bolts were hard to remove 😃