Sunday, 12 March 2017

Fulfilling Day

We seemed to get quite a bit done today.  The first task was to move Waiouru across to the opposite bank and moor just short of the water point mooring.  This is a prime location and the reason for the move will become apparent.

The next task was to take the shopping trolley and rucksacks to Tesco where we bought everything needed to fill the galley cupboards.  After a week of use the water tank gauge was showing half full so I topped it up whilst Jan started the engine and then got the washing machine going.  The rotary clothes line was erected on the stern whilst the tank filled.

I then walk to the Aldi at Central Park. Jan had noticed one of the Aldi Special Buys was a rack capable of holding the pods for her new coffee machine.  Whilst there I made the impulse decision to also buy some digital callipers.  Back on Waiouru Jan took advantage of the sunny and mild weather to peg out the clean laundry on the line.

On my return I  stripped everything movable off the cabin roof before giving it a wash and polish.  I washed using the two bucket method which seemed to remove more dirt.  But that might be my imagination!  Now you know why we moved.

If I have enough energy I’ll wash and polish the portside tomorrow.  The cratch cover also needs to be removed and cleaned.  It needs it after after winter! There are still plenty of outstanding maintenance tasks.  We just need more suitable weather.   


Ade said...

Quote "Jan started the engine and then got the washing machine going" have I missed something!?

John said...

Tom, I know there must be a simple answer to this question, and I'm sure I'm going to regret asking it, but if you removed the washing machine yesterday, how was Jan able to use the washing machine today?