Friday, 3 March 2017

Ebay and the watch

My wrist watch has been starting and stopping which probably means the battery is knackered.  We walked up into Rugby with a short ‘to do’ list.  Jan needed to visit Dunelm Mill and Wilko whilst I had a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription for the next 6 months.  I also needed to visit Argos and collect the roofers squares I’d ordered on Ebay.  Jan was successful with her list however I didn’t do well.  I did manage to get the prescription but the pharmacy had insufficient stock. I’ll have to go back tomorrow.  The doctor also wanted blood so I walked to the St Cross Hospital only to find they had moved the phlebotomy department.  I eventually found it and fortunately there was a short waiting list.

Once back in Rugby town centre I noticed a shop advertising “watch batteries replaced whilst you wait”.  I asked the price and was told £5.  That seemed a good price as they had all the risk if anything went wrong.  The man behind the counter took my watch only to return a minute later telling me “This is a solar powered watch and it doesn’t have a battery!”  That’s when he lost credibility.  I then asked him “How does it run during the night?”  He told me “It’s solar” until he realised that was a dumb answer.  Then he told me the watch had a capacitor inside before conceding it had a battery.  But it was a special battery that they didn’t stock.  However he could send the watch away to have the battery replaced for £40.  Obviously I’m going to attempt the battery replacement myself.

Next stop was Argos to collect my package. The three ladies behind the counter must have been impressed with my name because they broke into song.  I replied with “Why why why”  and “Please release me, let me go!”  The situation started to get too risqué when one mentioned she wasn’t wearing underwear.  I managed to extract myself with my virtue intact.

Oh the roofer’s squares.  I saw them on Ebay at a special price of £7 for two.

IMG_1442It’s unlikely I’ll need to use them to measure the rafters for a new roof.  however they will make good set squares in the workshop.  The first thing I wanted to do was check if they were accurate.  I did this by standing them upright on a flat surface with edges together.  Then I pointed the light from a torch behind the edge to see if there was a gap.  They aren’t perfect, but will do.

Last task for the day was to go back to the laptop and look for tweezers on Ebay.  They will be needed to replace the watch battery.  I managed to find a set of four at £1.59, so that’s Jan’s birthday present solved! Smile


Steve Morton said...

What is the make of your watch? Some Seiko watches do use a capacitor to store the energy from the solar panel or the kinetic power generator to keep them running when there is no sun.

So a search on line for your make/model of watch.

Tom and Jan said...

Steve it's a Casio and according to the internet there is a battery. I just don't know the battery model number.

Steve Morton said...

Try looking here:

Or for more general help here:

There are some videos on changing the battery.

I have a Casio one and a Seiko one!

Good luck

Tom and Jan said...

Thanks for the links Steve. Tweezers are now awaiting collection from Argos