Sunday, 26 March 2017

Don’t buy this

Two weeks ago I rubbed down a rust spot on the bow thruster locker in the cratch.  The entire area had been repainted last autumn but I made the mistake of leaving a damp cloth on the locker over winter and that appears to be the cause.  I had applied primer and undercoat to the spot and today the plan was to repaint the entire locker top along with a panel in the semi-trad area.  Yesterday I rubbed back and applied red undercoat to the bow and stern mooring anchor points.  If the weather was good, today was to be a painting day. 

The repainting of the bow thruster locker lid and cockpit went well.  My problem occurred when I attempted to apply the masking tape to the red handrail at the stern on the port side.  This was the section that had ‘bloomed’ when the rain got on it last autumn.  I intended to rub the handrail back and repaint it whilst I was repainting the dollies.  I had purchased some expensive masking tape in Rugby and went to apply it today.  The damned stuff wouldn’t stay adhered to the paint.  I’d align it and press it into place before moving on to the next section only to look back to see it falling off.     My recommendation is Don’t buy this brand!


I’m now going to have to walk to B&Q or Wickes in Northampton for tape.  Needless to say the handrail didn’t get painted.  However the anchor points have turned out OK.  But they now highlight the need to repaint the bow and stern decks.

P1030841Knowing that tomorrow was going to be busy, we had an early Sunday lunch at The New Inn.  Both of us thought our meal was tasty and filling. 

In the afternoon I attempted to walk off some of the lunch going down the towpath towards Wilton Marina.   Last time we passed this way a long and large trench was being dug from the canal back up the hill.  Today all that can be seen is the white pole with the red top on the canal bank.


A shinny boat was moored below the top lock.

P1030840No doubt another member of the Braidbar Owners Club!  Smile


rigby said...

Frog tape is weird sometimes it's good as gold other times it's a waste of time.. i have a feeling if you buy it from a pound shop you're getting bad batches but it's so inconsistent it's not worth it.
Have you thought of using a van/truck bed lining tough paint such as Line-X or protecta Kote for the bow & stern decks? It has it's own 'grip' effect and should last.. comes in various colours but maybe not pretty enough?

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Rigby,

This particular roll was purchased in Homebase, Rugby. I'm rather annoyed because I went to some effort to select an expensive tape.

I already have the paint for the bow and stern but will remember your suggestion should I need more paint at some future date.