Saturday, 18 March 2017

Braunston AGAIN!

Last night’s rural mooring was very peaceful with Jan waking up to the sound of the wildlife.  I slept on!  I should mention that if you find the syntax in this post unusual and disjointed it’s  ecause the key with the letter following ‘a’ in the alpha et  now won’t work.  The space ar key is also intermittent. I think I’m going to have to tear down the laptop yet again.  Sad smile

With all the oats that passed y us yesterday heading towards aunston Jan started to get concerned there wouldn’t  e any vacant moorings.  However that proved not to  e the case and we found our former mooring almost opposite the Boathouse availa le. 

Jan has  een feeling unwell so she stayed on Waiouru whilst I went off to dispose our ru  ish before heading to Midland Chandlers for some Fertan.  I’ve already sanded ack a couple of small rust spots to are metal and given them a coat of primer.  The Fertan will be used in the engine compartment where there is some rust around the prop shaft housing.

It rained during the afternoon so we spent the time in the ca in keeping dry and warm.

Hopefully tomorrow will e more interesting.  I do need to wash and polish the star oard (right) side of the ca in.   ut I’m not all that enthusiastic ecause I only washed and polished the roof five days ago and already it looks dirty!


Pip and Mick said...

Capital B seems to work. As in Braunston and Boathouse.

Tom and Jan said...

Yes..... nothing is perfect :-)

Peter Berry said...

It's time to throw the towel in Tom and get yourself a new MacBook. Two years now since I got mine and haven't looked back. Bite the bullet...or should that be the Apple..😉

Tom and Jan said...

Peter it will take more than the current situation for me to go to the dark side! 😁

Sue said...