Monday, 6 March 2017

18 Months

It’s been 18 months since we last collected our ‘snail mail’.  Not having an address means we have gone to great lengths in our effort to avoid the need to receive physical mail. Theoretically we shouldn’t receive any.  But no matter how hard you try there’s always someone who wants to send you a physical letter.  Today we made the two hour car trip to retrieve 18 months of cumulative UK mail.  The pile of mail was about 6 inches high and as expected, 99% of it was junk.  Bank junk!  When you open 18 months of bank correspondence you realise just how much interest rates have changed.  Why do banks insist on sending you letters when you’ve elected to have all correspondence by email?  It’s a waste of their time and our money.

The mail only included one useful item.  We have been given a Tablet Caddy for an iPad.  Jan will be happy because I usually break out in hives if I go anywhere near an Apple produce.


Nice box.  I was expecting some type of cloth covered folder.

But this cover is rather rugged.  The iPad is held in a hard plastic caddy and then a rubber seal goes around the edge.  Then a clear hard plastic screen protector clips over the front.  Removable rubber flaps cover, camera, speaker, mic and On/Off switch.  It’s probably ideal for anyone who has to use a MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) outside.  Perhaps CRT boat license checker should have them? 


Pity we don’t have a solid fuel stove because we now have plenty of fire lighting paper.  We’ll have to keep all the paper until we’re on a rural mooring and can burn them on a towpath fire.  


Halfie said...

Can't you just bung all the paper in a recycling bin?

Tom and Jan said...

Not with names and address on all of it! I'd much rather I watched it being destroyed than trust others.

nb Achernar said...

Re your bank issue, we had a similar issue having opted for paperless, they continued sending us paper statements. We finally established that he reason was one of us, me, was not logging onto our banking app, as the other one of us deals with the finances. To stop the paper statements it required both of us to log on at least once a month.

Tom and Jan said...

Interesting as I never go near the money. However they aren't sending us statements. It's all advertising!