Wednesday, 22 February 2017

They heard we were coming…

An overcast start to the day but with a storm forecasted for Thursday we decided to move to somewhere less isolated.  Jan had read that Braunston was full, however she hadn’t anticipated word of our impending arrival reaching moored boaters. We must have passed 5-6 boats leaving Braunston after turning to port (left) at Napton Junction.

The cruise was both familiar and uneventful. Actually we recognised many of the moored boats from previous cruises along this stretch of the canal.  There were a number of unusual or interesting boats with this next one particularly catching Jan’s eye.


We turned to starboard (right) at Braunston Turn Junction and decided to cruise as far as the entrance to Braunston Marina where we would wind.  The idea being to see what moorings were available.  It turned out there were plenty of vacant moorings (our impending arrival had preceded us!).

Dredging has been undertaken locally as there was a dredger moored in the entrance to the marina.  It appears the marina has been dredged because what looked to be ‘tailings’ have been spread on adjacent vacant land.


We cruised back to a vacant mooring just before the Boathouse pub.

I went off to buy some more Alpha Red Craftmaster paint whilst Jan put the joint of pork and vegies on to slow cook.


Obviously she wouldn’t attempt to cook them this way whilst we were on the move. However I have to tell you that the cooked Asda pork joint was delicious.  You could almost cut it with a fork!

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Tom and Jan said...

Hi Debby

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The base of the pot is too big to fit directly on top of the stove. The rack is sitting on top of the stove safety ring so it's about 4" above the stove cast iron hotplate.