Saturday, 11 February 2017

The Radio

Jan noted Aldi were selling a retro radio that she rather liked.  The nearest Aldi is in Leamington Spa and I decided it might be an interesting walk.  I could have used the towpath but it’s currently very muddy in places and we’re also very familiar with the route.  An alternative was to walk south through Warwick and then turn east.  This would taken me away from the canal and perhaps see something different.

We’ve visited Warwick Castle on two previous occasions but this is the first time I’ve been able to view it from the SE.  I neglected to take a camera so the photos in this post were taken using the phone.


IMG_20170209_120433These were taken from the middle of the bridge over the River Avon.  If my memory hasn’t failed, there is a castle hydro power station on the river at the base of the castle.  I think it was first built as a mill and then converted.

At the eastern corner of the castle is one of the old town gates.


A brief search revealed this is East Gate with St Peter’s Chapel on top.  The gate was reconstructed in the early 15th century and the chapel had to be rebuilt in the late 18th century.

Opposite was a narrow lane with some interesting looking houses.


Walking up the hill into the town centre I noticed what appeared at first glance to be a covered pedestrian walkway through a building, and then I realised it was the entrance.


My next thought was that a some point the road had been widened up to the building.  Now I suspect part of the building was demolished during the widening.

Further up the hill is the Punch Bowl pub.  Nothing particularly interesting about it until you read the writing to the right of the entrance.

PANO_20170209_121706Untitled-1I hadn’t heard of the ‘famous’ Warwick tunnels.  Upon reading the Punch Bowl website <here> it appears the current owners also can’t find the tunnels! Smile


Halfie said...

But you haven't said anything about the radio!

Tom and Jan said...

I'm pacing myself. If I tell you about the radio today, what will I write tomorrow? 😁

KevinTOO said...

Somehow or other I doubt that you have ever been 'lost for words' Tom ;)

Tom and Jan said...

KevinTOO you should not believe everything my Jan tells you! 😁