Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The non existent leak

We’re back on ‘skinny’ locks with Jan working Waiouru down the three at Hillmorton this morning.  The plan was to stop and moor before the forecast rain arrives in the afternoon.

I had always assumed the arm into Grantham’s Wharf (photo below) was the remains of the original route of the Oxford Canal which was shortened in the early19th Century.  


However when exiting the bottom lock we noticed the trees on the right had been recently felled and the original line of the canal can now be seen.  Jan found the lock paddle mechanisms to be heavily greased; perhaps too heavily.  Yet they were still very stiff to operate.  They will probably loosen up when the canal starts getting busy in late Spring.


I hadn’t realised from Hillmorton to Banbury was more than halfway to Oxford!


For the last week we have both noticed Waiouru had a list to starboard (the right).  I was concerned we might have a leak with water settling in the bilge.  Jan was concerned the water might flow over the lip of the shower tray and on to the floor.  Then we realised we had a lot of temporary weight stored on the right and the large diesel tank on the port side (left) in the bow was on 20% full.  We filled the tank at Armada Boat Hire (65ppl) and the list has disappeared.  

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