Monday, 6 February 2017

The Boat Inn and Benwood Mill

It’s been a few weeks since we have had a Sunday roast lunch consequentially we were looking forward to our Boat Inn lunch.  Whilst the route was very short it required us to cross the busy Hampton Lane twice.  Fortunately there was appropriate signage to warn drivers of our presence.


They even got our silhouettes right!Smile

The meal was OK, however we both commented it was one of those meals where our stomachs had room for a dessert.


In the afternoon we went for a local walk starting off heading south down the towpath.  Off to the right across the fields was a large farmhouse.  More on that later  Further along the towpath I noticed what I first thought was a bridge and then realised it was a three storey house.  As we got closer I noticed the narrow overhanging portion on the top floor.  This suggested the building might be interesting and we diverted away from the towpath for a closer look.


When you see this type of structure you start thinking the protruding extension was designed to lift heavy loads directly to the upper part of the building.  This particular building is located adjacent to the River Blythe.  The road crosses the river via a ford immediately beyond the dwelling. 


By now my mind was screaming “mill” and “where’s the water wheel?”.  Well it’s on the end.


It’s 400 year old, Grade II listed Henwood Mill.

Re-tracing our steps we arrived back at the canal where Jan promptly exclaimed “That’s pretty!” I didn’t see it but then I don’t have an eye for scenery.


The route back involved passing that rather large farmhouse mentioned earlier.  Only it wasn’t one farmhouse.  What appeared to be the groundsman’s gatehouse was being extended and renovated and the other original buildings had also been extended to create a group of private residencies on an enclosed estate.

IMG_1360IMG_1361IMG_1362Judging by the value of the cars entering and leaving I suspect the property prices are well out of our range.  


Pip and Mick said...

Our experience of The Boat Inn a couple of years ago was an exceedingly long wait for a table and then another long wait to place our order and then another long wait for our food. What arrived was nice, but we were ready for our bed by then!

Tom and Jan said...

They didn't have a free table, but then we hadn't made a booking! The food came quickly, but then we ordered the popular standard roast. The meal was good, but we were still hungry after eating everything on the plate?