Monday, 20 February 2017

Long Itchington

We’ve been moored in Long Itchington for the last couple of days waiting out the weekend, not that there has been many boats on the move.  Below Radford Lock there is an unusually shaped boat on an off-side mooring.  We first saw it in the Braunston area three years ago and it appears to now have a permanent mooring.

IMG_1412The apple tree beside Bascote staircase locks was bare (Jan checked).  We managed to scrump a bucket of apples here two years ago!


We had a rather tasty lunch at the Two Boats Inn. Jan opted for the liver & bacon with black pudding on mash whilst I had the gammon.  Jan assures me her meal was very good.  Appearance are obviously deceptive because I thought it looked offal. <sorry, couldn’t help myself!>  


In an effort to remove the tension in my calves and back from cuddling the engine I went for a local walk.  It might also assist in fitting back in to my trousers.  I walked back down the towpath to the CRT services at Bascote and disposed of our rubbish.  Then I decided to follow the alignment of the abandoned Weedon & Leamington Railway.  My intention was to head south-east to the ‘Model Village’ marked on the map.  The path was straight and level which is an obvious clue as to its previous life.


Much of the route was through a cutting which prevented me from seeing much.  I then started to loose interest.


If there is a need, then I’m prepared to get my feet wet.  This path was turning into a drain.  Eventually I reached an armco culvert which was obviously built after the railway was abandoned.

IMG_1416It was here that the path and I parted company.  I scrambled up the bank and walked a short distance down the A423 to the ‘Model Village’.  This proved to be rather disappointing.  Just a line of 1930-40? double storey houses.


I turned back towards Long Itchington noticing this rather interesting car parked outside the cafe.  I’ve never seen one before.  Is it a production model or a DIY?


The route took me past the Two Boats Inn and I did notice most of the moorings were now empty.


The route into the village took me past Cole Craft where we bought our two-pack epoxy blacking last September.


This time I managed to get a rather better photo of the Tudor style house on the corner.


It has an attractive rustic look but I fear it needs a significant amount of money spent on it to stop any further deterioration.  A quick stop at the Cooperative for bread and then I continued out through the village to complete a circuit arriving back at the abandoned railway alignment.


This end of the route is part of the Sustrans National Cycleway and is in much better condition. 

IMG_1423On the move again tomorrow.

Thanks for the correction Halfie!

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Halfie said...

Googling 'el-jet car' shows that it appears to be a Norwegian electric car first produced in 1991 and called the 'Buddy'.