Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Leaving Warwick

It was time to leave Warwick, although I did notice one other building before we departed.


Obviously some type of legal connection.  And then I noticed the name of the street.


The day started cold but by midday we didn’t have the stove running.  The first part of the cruise was very short because we needed to stop above the Cape Top Lock and add some water to our half full water tank.  Whilst waiting we took the opportunity to do some exterior boat cleaning.  Jan worked Waiouru down the two locks which means we must now be in the bottom pound.  From here on all the locks will be up until we reach Hillmorton.

I don’t remember the new housing development between the locks when we came this way last September.It’s amusing to think 60 years ago no one would want to live next to a stinking, dirty ditch and now it’s a prime location! 


We arrived at the Tesco moorings to find only one moored boat, and that left within 15 minutes of our arrival.  There was a large CRT presence with a working party cutting back the towpath vegetation.

Jan did a big shop and then I went for the last of the heavy items.  It will be another short hop to Lidl and Aldi tomorrow.

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