Friday, 24 February 2017


I woke up three times last night.  Each time it was midnight….. Yes, the wristwatch has stopped again. Obviously I’m not very menacing!

Having a watch that doesn’t work can lead to obesity.  We had a good breakfast and started settling down inside the cabin to sit out Doris when I glanced at my watch and realised it was midday.  Whilst I didn’t feel hungry and we only seemed to have breakfast in the very recent past, I decided to eat.  Oh, then I remembered the watch had stopped!  I nearly had a second breakfast.  As part of my weight loss program the watch has now been taken it off.

So what happened to Storm Doris.  There was some rain and wind but nothing major.  I ventured outside to check everything on the cabin roof.  One inflatable fender had moved slightly but apart from that we were unaffected. 

Two boats went past during the day.  They weren’t hire boats so I guess they had to get back to their moorings.  It must have been interesting steering in some of the more exposed section of the canal.

I spent much of the day designing a bed using Google SketchUp.  I made our first bed and will be making our next one as well.  It’s going to be a soft-sided waterbed on a pedestal.

Bed drawers3

The bed will consist of two longitudinal box sections made from dressed pine.  Having it in two sections will make it easier to move.  There will be four large drawers on either side and one huge drawer.  The large drawer will be used to hold recently dried laundry.  The warmth from the water bed heater will air the contents of all the drawers.  Whilst the lattice framing will be made from pine the exposed exterior will be clad in Jarrah and Red Gum.  Both are Australian hardwoods.  So hard that I’ve burned a saw blade trying to cut Jarrah.

BedendThere are no colours in SketchUp that match Jarrah & Red Gum but you can get a rough idea of what it will look like.  The next job is to make a material and timber cut list.  At least this will keep me out of trouble.  


Andy Healey said...

We where one of the 2 boats, NB Centurion, who passed you on Thursday during Doris, We had to get back from Braunston to Weltonfield to take the daughter home, wind was behind going up the locks so not too bad.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Andy

It's a shame we missed each other, but I don't envy you moving in that weather! We stayed inside tucked up and warm.