Saturday, 25 February 2017

Braunston Walk

What a difference a day makes.  We awoke this morning to a colder but calm day with some sunshine.   I decided to take a local walk to get some exercise and see how the local countryside had coped with yesterday’s storm.

I’ve previously walked to the west, east and south, so this time I went north.  The first part of the route followed the towpath towards Hillmorton.

Braunston WalkThe spire of Braunston Church is the most recognisable landmark around here.  Or perhaps it’s the most recognisable landmark to boaters!

P1030776About 2km into the walk I came upon some temporary plastic green mesh fencing. Upon looking further I noticed what appeared to be a repaired hole in the canal bank.


This was opposite the plastic mesh fence.  There’s also a culrvert under the canal nearby.  I suspect a hole had appeared in the canal lining and the water was escaping into the culvert.

P1030778The culvert is on the other side of the gate in the above photo. 

I turned right onto Longdown Lane crossing the canal and heading uphill towards Barby Village.  As I gained height there were good views north towards Hillmorton and Rugby. 


I think those are the two high apartment blocks in Rugby and the water tower at Hillmorton.

Further up the hill and looking south-east I noticed the home of a poor English farmerSmile


This is Frolesworth Lodge Farm and there’s something fowl about it. Yes, it’s the home of free range turkeys in Leicestershire.

Another right turn and I could leave the road to follow a public footpath across the fields back to Braunston.


I had to use the camera zoom to close in on the church.  It was here that the path came close to a farmhouse and I could see the farmer working on the greenhouses in his backyard.  He commented that the weather was better today and I asked if he had experienced any damage.  That’s when he showed me all the glass panes in his two greenhouses had been blown out.

After that it was an almost straight walk back to Braunston.

P1030783Jan had the Hurricane heater on and we both indulged in an early hot shower before dinner! 

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