Friday, 17 February 2017

Boats in the night and Time stood still

It must be change over day!  At 1.15am we were awoken by the sound of a passing boat.  Upon looking out the window I saw an old ‘springer’ heading towards Warwick.  The steerer was all wrapped up because it was rather cold and wet.  I guess there was enough light from the street lighting adjacent to the canal because he didn’t have his boat headlight on. Going back to sleep proved rather difficult for both of us and consequentially we were yawning for much of today.

Jan actually woke me at 7.30am but on looking at my watch it was 11.58.  It’s been 11.58 ever since.  My watch was purchased in Banbury back in 2007 so it’s probably not surprising that it has finally stopped.  It’s solar powered but then I realised there had to be a rechargeable battery inside otherwise it would stop during the night.  I will probably try dismantling the watch to see if there is a battery and whether it can be replaced.  No point in buying a new watch if it only needs a £1 battery. The problem will be my eyesight.

We noticed an unusual building behind Aldi.  On first glance I thought it was a mosque, but the domes are the wrong shape.  Next I thought it might be Eastern Orthodox.  But the ribs on their domes tend to have a spiral effect.  So it has to be a Sikh Temple……. and I’m right because it is the Gurdwara Sahib Leamington and WarwickConstruction started in 2008 and was completed in 2009 with money raised by the local community.


We didn’t have a camera with us so I used the phone camera.

This is the temple that was in the news last year when there was a protest outside over a mixed marriage ceremony that was being conducted inside.

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