Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A lovely day to cruise

What a lovely winters day. not cold and the sun put in an appearance.  Jan looked out and took a photo of our nearest neighbour.


With no local supermarket Jan had decided to bake some bread.  She improvised finding a warm spot to allow the dough to rise.


It worked perfectly and we had freshly baked bread for lunch.

The ropes were withdrawn just after 10am and almost immediately we passed Kingswood Junction where we were last September.  Only that time we turned at the Junction to go down the Stratford Canal.


There was a brief stop at Tom O’ Wood to top up the water.  This canal side house caught our eye as we departed.


Jan had a couple of long spells at the tiller.  Ade, there will be no photos of her at the helm as I’m under strict instructions not to take any.  And yes… she is doing better than you! Smile

It was very wet inside Shrewley Tunnel which probably isn’t surprising given all the recent rain.  There’s no towpath through the tunnel so the horses were walked over the top.  The towpath tunnel goes up into the village rather than running parallel to the canal.


Someone has a sense of humour!


The cruise was slightly longer than planned with us eventually ending the cruise on the 48 hour moorings above the Hatton Flight.  The mooring is in a cutting and there is a thermal layer at the top of the cutting which became very apparent when I noticed the smoke from the boat moored behind.


Down the flight tomorrow……..

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Ade said...

Brilliant! Made me chuckle Tom. Jan your for sure a natural at the tiller. There that'll do it Tom access all areas with the camera 😀.