Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Unexpected News

Our fortnight at Bumble Hole would have been up on Thursday and the weather forecast for that day didn’t look promising.  So the breakfast decision was to move today.  I went out to fill the water tank discovering the tap was frozen.  That problem was simply solved by pouring boiling water over the outlet.

Things then went seriously downhill when Jan read on Jaq Biggs Facebook page that Les (nb Valerie) had passed away just after 9am.  After reading several days ago that Les had been admitted to a hospice we’d been planning to move to the Dudley Canal Museum and hire a car to visit both of them. 

We’d started reading Les’ blog a number of years ago.  Here was a solo boater who was passionate about the canals, but who also appeared to be somewhat lonely.  His blog evolved into the story of a long range romance leading to love and a new partner.  Just when you might expect them to live happily ever after Les was diagnosed with cancer.  We read how Jaq fiercely fought in his corner and Les appeared to be slowly recovering.  Unfortunately that insidious cancer returned and this time Les & Jaq couldn’t defeat it! 

Each time we’ve met Les he was always cheerful and happy to share his knowledge of the canals.  One couldn’t but help it be impressed with his compassion and inquiring mind.  Les’ hard boating days are over.  Now all the locks will be in his favour, the days will be sunny and there will be no shortage of moorings.  Our thoughts are with Jaq.


Just gone up the Hatton Flight (Les looks pooped)  September 2015


Ade said...

Nice tribute Tom, our thoughts are also with Jaq at this somber news.
I'm sure the blogger/canal community will stretch out a hand to help Jaq in any way she needs.

Judith Emery said...

Such sad news. Only just read about it.