Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Surprising sight and a canal walk

Whilst we’ve been reading of ice in other parts of the canal network we’ve been experiencing milder weather here at Windmill End.  Perhaps the “wintering over in Birmingham” theory was correct?  Today I went for a canal walk.  Usually we are cruising which means you frequently see things from a different perspective.  It was a circular route which first took me away from the canal to Old Hill. 

Along the way I was surprised to see this behind the local Gate Hangs Well pub.


Yes, I know it’s an old shipping container!  What actually surprised me was this…..


Back at the end of the last century I was managing the Sydney Rail Freight Terminal and the two young (well 10 years younger than me) sales managers at the terminal left to create a shipping container hire business. They named it Royal Wolf! So seeing a Royal Wolf container behind a pub in the Black Country was rather unexpected.

The towpath walk back to Waiouru reinforced the canal’s link with the area’s industrial past.

P1030694The arm at Withymoor Island was obviously part of a wharf and the road at the end is named “Railway Sidings”. 

Further towards Gosty Hill all that remains of another arm is the bridge.  The area beyond the bridge to the left is being redeveloped as residential housing.


Closer to Windmill End is a rectangular basin which now forms part of Warrens Hill Nature Reserve.  It must have been a busy location in its day.

P1030698Beyond it and to the left, is that high knoll I walked to several days ago. 


My guess is the knoll was formed using the ash from the adjacent Cobb Pump House.

Many of the trees have been severely pruned in this area.  I wonder how long it will take for local boaters to realise there is plenty of available free solid fuel?


Looks like tomorrow is going to be a lovely day!



Catherine VK4GH said...

Royal Wolf is one of the biggest and best known shipping container hire companies in Australia. We have used them ourselves.

Tom and Jan said...

Those two young guys saw an opportunity and seized it!