Monday, 9 January 2017

No Sunday Roast

Today poor Jan missed out on her Sunday roast lunch.  Aldi had a weekly special that particularly interested me and I was convinced the item would be wanted by every adult male in Birmingham.  They went on sale today so it was a walk to Aldi instead of lunch. 

The walk seemed to be taking a long time and when we reached Aldi I was horrified to see the car park almost full with numerous males heading for the entrance.  Jan took pity on me and gave permission for me to go ahead whilst she collected a trolley.  Like an arrow from a bow I was through the doors and down the aisle ready to elbow and jostle myself into pole position.  I was so lucky and managed to get the last one in stock.  Well actually that’s not true. there were another 25 in the bin so obviously the local males can’t see the value in owning such an attractive item.

IMG_1339A very reasonably priced Tap and Die set.  I haven’t used one in 45 years, but I’m sure it will come in useful.  Of course it won’t be high quality, but then I don’t anticipate using it more than twice annually.  Now all I have to do is show my gratitude to my patient and understanding wife!

On a more boating note.  This was the view out the side hatch at 7am this morning. 


It was actually darker than the photos suggest.  The camera lens does tend to capture a large amount of light. 


Quaysider said...

I'm sure to show your appreciation, you'll let Jan use it whenever she likes... you're that kind of chap - I can tell ;-)

Tom and Jan said...

You now have me thinking of uses in the galley Mark!

Tom and Jan said... said....

95% of the males at Aldi wouldn't know how to use it or what its for, the other 4% have one, 1% followed you so he knows where to borrow one.