Thursday, 19 January 2017

Meal Time

The local flying wildlife must have an inbuilt clock.  The community run cafe beside the canal at Bumble Hole doesn’t open every day but without fail you can hear the sound of birds landing on the water outside the cafe just before opening time.  When the cafe opens one of the first tasks is to throw all the old bread onto the towpath where a feeding frenzy takes place.

Occasionally there is a delay in the opening time which can cause some confusion.

“Where’s breakfast…… we’re waiting!”

Another day of low cloud so I only went on a short walk to Lidl and Aldi for a few essentials (Wednesday magazines).  Later in the morning Sandra and Barry (nb Areandare) visited for a coffee and conversation. 

Hopefully the visibility will improve tomorrow and I can go for a walk to the transmitter towers.

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