Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Well it’s not the weather that’s been interesting!  More rain and drizzle today.  However being couped up all day inside the cabin starts to be come claustrophobic so despite the weather a walk was on the menu.

The interesting thing was our mobile data connection.  We are back to tethering our devices (laptop, tablets, etc) to the smartphone using the ‘hotspot’ function.  Our data allowance is unlimited on the phone but limited to 12,000MB when used as a hotspot.  We’re using the old Samsung S1 3G phone running the original Android 2.3 operating system (the latest version is Android 7.0).  After using using the hotspot for 3 days our remaining data allowance is……  

3 Allowance

It appears the mobile provider’s system doesn’t recognise we are using the phone “hotspot” function.  I’m guessing the reason is one or all of the following:

  • Obsolete phone
  • Very old Android operating system
  • Only using a 3G connection 

Whatever the reason, we’re not complaining!

The afternoon walk was down the Farmer Flight in the drizzle.  You might need a vivid imagination to visualize what it would have looked like 100 years ago.


Someone has obviously recognised speeding towpath cyclists are a potential hazard to pedestrians and a new pipe chicane has been installed since we last used the flight.

IMG_20170131_154004They don’t force cyclists to dismount, but it does slow them. 

If the forecasted fine day arrives tomorrow then we may be on the move. 


Dulcie said...

Been following your blog for a while and enjoy reading it. My husband and I are Goozlegram (we are boaters ourselves) on Instagram (Midlands canal photography) and took a picture of your boat when we were gongoozling at Bumble Hole last week. If you'd like to see the picture it's on

Tom and Jan said...

You take a better photo than me!

What a shame you didn't knock and introduce yourself...

Dulcie said...

It was early - we did look to see whether you were about

John said...

Wouldn't the pipe chicane be better placed at the bottom of the ramp? That way if they slow down it's their bike that gets damaged rather than an innocent pedestrian.

Tom and Jan said...

Jan is usually awake at 5am. I need an additional 2 hours beauty sleep 😁

Maybe next time!